Desiderata Eberdeed

This website is primarily about programming. You will find several articles of faith present, but that is only because I value my spritual life and I feel that some effort should be made to share it. So let's get started.

I think the spiritual takes priority over the physical, so it will be covered first.

The Daily Bible

The Hail Mary

The Our Father

The Ten Commandments

It is my belief that your intelligence in this life is directly proportional to your ability to successfully apply the Ten Commandments to your life.

Now, onto programming... Of late I have been learning Python and Perl, and while there are no Perl programs yet, here is a page of Python programs.

For the sake of my family I am publishing an essay by my Grandfather wrote in the teens of the Twentieth Century. His essay on Utilitarianism.

The programs presented here are educational and published under the GNU public license. They have extensive comments in the code and some descriptive text to guide the way. There is no expilicit or implied suitablility for any use.